GEIGERTEK Endless Night E.P.

"Was there love there?
Did they once care?
Forward motion
Now drifts cold air......"

"Endless Night" is a six-track E.P. from Geigertek, released digitally in September 2010 and also available as a CDr release with AD Music's high quality artwork.

"Endless Night" comprises 6 tracks of original studio material with vocals, recorded for Geigertek's 2010 UK "Artificial 01" electronica concert performance. For reference, the music is in the Geigertek style of instrumental music, albeit darker and with more confident and mature arrangements plus the addition of Neil's vocals, heavily influenced by John Foxx, Kraftwerk and The Human League. The music went down a storm in concert, proving that traditional sequenced electronic music and the more contemporary vocal electronica can easily co-exist. From the opening , foot tapping and moody "The Visitors" and the equally atmospheric "This Man", with it's excellent vocoded vocals, through the up-tempo "Youth" to the frenetic climax, "How Do You Dream", Geigertek shows us a whole new side to his talents with six strong 'songs' and vocals to match, that are not only engaging, but have instant and pleasing familiarity that will have you hitting the replay button!

TRACK LISTING (please click on title for 30 second samples)

1. The Visitors
2. This Man
3. Youth
4. Picture In Eyes
5. Total Pain
6. How Do You Dream


Neil Fellowes (Geigertek) follows his recent ambient chill-out album "The Timeless Mind" with an EP of electronic tracks which is due out next month.

The opening track "The Visitors" is an excellent track, sweeping pads, gentle melodies, I am very impressed with the whole feel of this track, very lush and drawing on influences such as Ultravox and John Foxx with a dose of Enigma it is a very well produced track with a competent vocal.

"This Man" certainly draws on the influences of one of Neil's favourite bands Ultravox. the track has a really good minimalistic feel to it, I do like the rhythm section on the track and the very "Ultravox" mid section which Billy Currie would be proud of. Neil makes good use of a "Mr X" type vocal dialogue on this song.

"youth" is superb very upbeat and totally different from what I had expected from Neil, great sounds and production again, a really impressive track, a good vocal over a splendid music arrangement.

"Picture In Eyes" is a track I am familiar with and is a track I have always enjoyed hearing. Definitely Neils best vocal so far on the EP. Another strong music arrangement and the track has a nice feel to it, plenty of strings and pads with some nice melodic pieces over the top.

I heard a demo of "Total Pain" some time ago and the track has developed well, a mid paced track which is quite atmospheric in parts, some of the sounds I was n't keen on and the spoken vocal did n't sit right with me on this one, however, the main vocal is excellent, probably the weakest track so far.

Crikey Neil surprised me with the upbeat "Youth" and he has done it again with the final track on the EP "How Do You Dream", an energetic piece of electronic music, the song builds well to the chorus and I could very easily see Midge Ure singing on this one, loved the music arrangement with some nice sequencer parts and incidental sounds. Wait for the break section around 3.20 pure Ultravox/Billy Currie. I Really do like this one.

Neil has re-visited some of his older material and introduced some excellent new songs in the shape of "Youth", "This Man" and "How Do You Dream", this EP has really surprised me and is a strong release, personally I was n't keen on "Total Pain", however, the other songs more than make up for it ....

excellent 8.5/10

Gary Hunter - Myspace Music Radio Show U.K.