VARIOUS ARTISTS Here We Go...The Other Side Of Metal Beat

HERE WE GO: A limited edition release (100 CDs only) featuring artists who have been inspired or influenced by the work of UK electronic music pioneer John Foxx. A diverse selection of electronica that takes the listener through the busiest city to the centre of nowhere, always moving forward "here we go"......

Produced in association with Robo Cast Radio, this limited edition CD is now in short supply......


1. Paul Berry: A Stranger In Your House
2. Anne Clark: Full Moon (Club Mix)
3. LOGAN 5: The Future That Never Arrived
4. Sunset People: Wonderland
5. Mark Lane: Who's Really Listening?
6. The Glimmer Room: Grey Mirrors (Part 7)
7. Louis Gordon: Move Through Grey
8. Lethal Foam: 113
9. Better Strangers: Thematic
10. Neuvogue: Synth City
11. Toffeetronic: Let Me In
12. The Upstairs Faction: Just A Mirage
13. The Light Dreams: Reflections
14. Future Daze: Oxygen
15. Gary Hunter: Stranger In A Room
16. Sarah Bradshaw: Incandesence
17. The Mateyblokes: Tuesday Blues
18. Geigertek: Picture In Eyes

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I was delighted to have been part of a very special project celebrating the music of John Foxx. A special Robo Cast Radio special was recently aired which included artists who have been influenced by John's work. In conjunction with the Robo cast special a compilation album called "Here We Go - The Other Side Of Metal Beat" was in the works which was again to feature artists that had appeared on the show and were influenced and inspired by the music of John Foxx. The CD features 18 tracks including a track by myself called "Stranger In A Room". I thought I would do a detailed review of the CD to give people an idea about the amazing talent that has contributed to the album.
The CD kicks off with "A Stranger In Your House" by Paul Berry which has the hallmarks of John's influence stamped all over it. It does have a it of an ambient feel to it and is a haunting track and a good one to start the album with. Established recording artist Anne Clark's "Full Moon" is the second track on offer, which is infact a club mix of the song. Very upbeat and is a song that has grown on me a great deal. Track 3 is "The Future That Never Arrived" by Logan 5 and is a piano instrumental track (Think John Foxx & Harold Budd). Some nice choir sounds on this mellow track. "Wonderland" by the Sunset People is the 4th track and it is a minimalistic track with a Kraftwerk style beat. Another track that grows on you the more you hear it. Mark Lane's "Who's Really Listening" is next and straight away the rhythm section has a John Foxx feel about it. A very futuristic track. Next are The Glimmer Room with "Grey (Part 7)". I am familiar with Andy's work and he really does write some excellent ambient based music and this track is no exception, great track. You should also check out his track "Lake Song" on the Robo Cast show, it is stunning! John Foxx sidekick Louis Gordon very kindly donated the track "Move Through Grey" which has a "Metamatic" feel about it and would fit easily on that album (Think of the track "Glimmer" and you won't go far wrong). Another great track! Track 8 is Lethal Foam's "113" which is a piano led track with some nice dramatic sounds in it. Had a bit of an X-Files feel about it. The start of track 9 "Better Strangers" by Thematic is so John foxx. Another upbeat track which is a real grower. Reminded me a bit of the Sisters Of Mercy in parts. "Synth City" by Neuvogue I absolutely love with it's Soft Cell overtones. If you did n't know it you would swear you were listening to a Soft Cell! Lyrics and vocals so Soft Cell, brilliant track, one of the best on the album. Toffeetronic are next with "Let Me In". The intro reminded me of The Human League (Think "Dare" era). Great bass line through this song. The song then moves into John Foxx era Ultravox. Next up "Just A Mirage" by The Upstairs Faction is another upbeat track that has a bit of a psychedelic feel to it in parts. Very catchy and I love the synth sounds in the song, top song! The Light Dreams Is another project I am familiar with. I have heard a lot of their stuff and Alex has again found the spot with the ambient track "Reflections". Future Daze I know very well and have been following Ian's music very closely over the last year or so, a very talented musician and his contribution "Oxygen" ticks all the right boxes. Great dance track and clever use of sampled vocals. Next up is my contribution "Stranger In A Room" which is very John Foxx and also part Ultravox (Vienna era) and is a stunning track ..... well I would say that would n't I!! Another firm favorite of mine is the track by Sarah Bradshaw called "Incandescence". A beautiful track with it's piano melody, absolutely superb. It is a track I would say is a little like the work of Robert Miles. The penultimate track is another ambient piece called "Tuesday Blues" by The Mateyblokes. Very much chill out and does have a hint of "Cathederal Oceans" about it. Geigertek close off the album with the excellent "Picture In Eyes". Great synth sounds in this "new age" track. Again I nave been following Neil's work for quite a while now and have been impressed with what I have heard.
When you way up that this album consists of mainly unsigned artists it is a truly unbelievable piece of work from start to finish and in all honesty the whole thing sounds polished and professional. This really should be a much wider scaled release it is that good and I'm not saying that because I have a track on it. I know I am immensely proud to have a track on it and so should all the other artists. Myspace has a wealth of talent that deserves to get recognized. I can't recommend this CD highly enough, don't think about getting it .... get it, you won't be disappointed I guarantee it. As for my review score 20/10 no I've not gone bonkers it reads right 20/10, 18 for each artist and 2 for the artwork and packaging!
Gary Hunter September 2008