VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Music - Best of AD Music Vol.5

"Night Music" is the 5th volume in the essential "Best of Series" taken from the AD Music catalogue. The music has been carefully chosen to reflect mysterious journeys of discovery, so this compilation features emotionally inspired soundscapes of ambient space music that highlights the diversity the label has to offer. "Night Music" continues the depth and beauty you've come to expect from this excellent compilation series and it is sure to become your own personal soundtrack of the mind. Journey to new and uncharted worlds through the tranquil and ethereal soundscapes the artists create. This is beautiful and absorbing ambient space music and another extraordinarily good collection.


  • Odessa Ambience - Kobalt Project
  • Weaver of chance - R. Fox
  • I am the Earth's Mistress - Acheloo
  • First Point of Aires - Witchcraft
  • The Seduction of Dr Pasteur - Richard Bone
  • Poseidia - Robert de Fresnes
  • Until the End of Time - Geigertek
  • Sirens - Acheloo
  • Momentum - David Wright
  • Ray Bradbury's Ghost - Enterphase
  • The White Peak - Wim
  • Phasmatis - Ramsaygee
  • Los Angeles Lounge Lizard - Lord of the Ants