"The Garden" was the debut album from Geigertek, released in July 2008 and is available as a digital download or CDr release with AD Music's high quality artwork and on-body print.

The musical influences will be very obvious to anyone listening to this work. The cited influences are people such as John Foxx, Mike Oldfield, Isao Tomita, Gary Numan, Jean Michel Jarre, Ultravox, Kraftwerk and Enigma.

"The Garden" is an exciting mixture of electronic music sounds and styles with roots in "melodic new age" instrumental music, there are strong hints of romanticism and a plethora of great tunes. However, where Geigertek really succeeds is in creating a unique style and sound based on solid musical arrangements, some great solos, both synth and piano, and some inventive sequencing.

"The Garden" also has an unusually strong variation of moods. From the mystical tones of the opening track "The Garden" through various sonic journeys that balance strident and laid back rhythms, through the pseudo-classical excursion on "The Sculpture and the Wall", the wistful melody of "Songbird bathing in Blue" to the richly atmospheric "View from a White Room", this is an album of crafted, heartfelt instrumental music that whilst walking the line of melodic new age, never crosses into the sugary sweet. According to AD Music, "The Garden" is sure to find favour with those who like their electronic music varied, emotive and melodic and is a welcome addition the AD Music catalogue.

TRACK LISTING (please click on title for 30 second samples)

1. The Garden
2. Secrets Of The Ivy
3. The Day It Rained
4. The Rivered Moon
5. Between Two Worlds
6. The Sculpture And The Wall
7. View From a White Room
8. Songbird Bathing In Blue
9. Lost In Summer Hues
10. The Verdant Dreams Of Future's Past


"The Garden captures the melodic strength and grandiosity that is so often found in the best music on the AD Music label, particularly if you veer towards Vangelis or slip into a Tangerine Dream. Geigertek pleasingly paints with a full sonic palette, and also effectively combines traditional synth with quite contemporary and wide spectrum of electronic sounds, showing a fondness for echoey piano and choral samples for added mysticism. Great Stuff"
Radio DJ - Ashley Franklin

"One of 4 great new artists discovered by AD Music is Neil Fellowes who records his electronic soundscapes under the pseudonym Geigertek. The debut album "The Garden" derives its inspiration from the traditional electronics of Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwork and Mike Oldfield and the more pop orientated music of Ultravox, Enigma, John Foxx, Gary Numan and Isao Tomita. The album opens with the title track and the impressive piano and synths are indeed reminiscent of early John Foxx instrumental ballads. "Secrets of The Ivy" has a very spacey beginning and develops into a great track with an irresistible sound and a great melody. The same is true of "The Day it Rained" with its eastern influences and another very catchy melody. The rest of the album is equally as involving, mostly the melody lines are played on piano with additional synth effects and all are well structured with nice rhythms. This has the effect of making each single track a small works of art. There is a certain resemblance to Andy Pickford at times and that is very clear on the concluding track "The Dreams of future Past". But this is an original and very interesting debut and I am very excited to hear what the next Geigertek album will bring."
Muzikcircus (Germany)

Just dropping by to say congratulations and well done with your excellent & outstanding album The Garden! This is some of the best music that I have heard in a long time and it is regularly being played over here! In fact this is one of the best albums by a UK artist working in this genre that I have heard this century! I love the emphasis on using piano, your individual and original use of drums/percussion sounds and those unexpected and haunting melodic twists and turns and chord changes! Some of these tracks - for example The Rivered Moon, Between Worlds and the awesome Verdant Dreams are destined to rank amongst my all time favourites! Immensely powerful, emotional & atmospheric music and I wish you every success with it!
Leading U.K. musician - Steve Hillman