GEIGERTEK The Timeless Mind

"Distant voices and whispered dreams
An echo of light unseen
A shadow moving out of sight
As day wanes
Fast comes the eternal night......"

"The Timeless Mind" is the second album from Geigertek, released digitally in May 2010 and also available as a CDr release with AD Music's high quality artwork.

This collection of ambient/electronic intrumental music is a compelling new work that may leave you just a little surprised at how far removed it is from the 2008 debut "The Garden". Putting aside the fact that "The Timeless Mind" sounds really great courtesy of the added mix and mastering input of Callisto (Dave Massey & David Wright), musically the album has progressed some distance from the new age leanings of the debut outing to a more sophisticated and evolving electronic music style, while still retaining the classical leanings and melodic, emotive musical canvas that is so indicative of Geigertek. Tracks like "What Dreams May Come", "Until the End of Time" and "In Another Light" all exude a wonderful ethereal passion with gorgeous atmospherics behind effective sequencing to drive the tracks along. However the highlight is undoudtably the stunning "Spirit Walking" with its punchy rhythms and catchy theme that'll have you reaching for the repeat button and humming the tune long after the chords have drifted off into space. A really fine effort and deserving of a wide audience to hear it!!!

"The Timeless Mind" has a central theme of what may come after this life ends, an imagined first-person-perspective journey through the veil of the death experience itself into a perceived "hereafter" and the re-connection with our true spiritual selves that remains with the Universe during our physical lifetimes - the timeless mind that represents the greater part of our existance.

TRACK LISTING (please click on title for 30 second samples)

1. The Stirring of Echoes
2. Passing
3. What Dreams May Come
4. Until the End of Time
5. In Another Light
6. The Embrace of Eternity
7. The Timeless Mind
8. Spirit Walking
9. The Gift of Goodbye


Just over one and a half years ago, I first came across the British electronic musician Neil Fellowes, who works under the name of Geigertek. It was his debut album "The Garden" that impressed me at the end of 2008. In May 2010, there is now the successor which has the title of "The Timeless Mind". And really timeless musical thoughts Neil lets loose on the listener.

As with his debut, many different styles of artists who come not only from traditional electronic music show in his music. Neil counts for example John Foxx (co-founder of Ultravox) and Gary Numan amongst his influences.

Neil has captured nine soundscapes on the CDr, the sound sometimes celestial comes out quickly from the speakers. It starts with the first celestial "The Stirring Of Echoes", which in it's progress links to Enigma, another influence of Neil. I would describe the track as Space Music meets Enigma.

With "Passing", which initially uses piano and flute as sounds, it is rather more classical. The track is six and a half minutes but in it's progress it's sometimes exhalted and bombastic and has the effect on me like a soundtrack to films such as "2001 - A Space Odyssey." Especially in the second part, he has produced less melody but more mood sounds. In conclusion, there is still a delicate melody on a piano with keyboard support.

In the following, "What Dreams May Come", he first makes his skills at the beginning of the track. For here is Neil at the piano quite classical, but very romantic. After a few moments the track becomes a spacey number, and I stand up, to float through space. This track develops slowly and is from moment to moment, always intense and compelling. For me it is the first highlight of the album.

Wide spaces and chirping sounds in "Until The End Of Time", which thus takes order in the vastness of the universe. A very quiet but very intense track. With "In Another Light" is the next highlight of the album. Here everything is just right. The piece was performed live on E-Day and there showed that it also works well on stage. It is still at the beginning however, it unfolds after about three minutes to full glory. From this point, Neil is presented in top form. Stylistically, he comes close to his label boss David Wright.

"The Embrace of Eternity to" is sequencer-based. In the more than 13 minutes of play, Neil changes the structure of the piece and the rhythm several times, so that an exciting long track is created. The title track has a majestic first minute, then the track changes to a pounding beat with a simple but cheerful and catchy melody part. Another highlight yet to name is "Spirit-walking", interpreted with the hand brake on, in contrast to the live presentation at E-Day but losing none of its fascination. A great piece.

The British possess a very dry sense of humour and Neil proves this with the last track "The Gift of Goodbye". The beginning is again very spacy, with wide open spaces, it is a three minute piece, but little more than two minutes after it is good slapstick, because Neil creates the sound like a second-rate entertainer. However in the previous hour he has already demonstrated his class.

Stephan Schelle - Muzikzircus (Germany)

Geigertek is a project by classically trained synthesist Neil Fellowes, who hails from Norwich, UK. In January 2009, Neil was recruited as member of Code Indigo and live session keyboard player for electronic music project Callisto (as Dave Massey still doesn't want to do "live").

"The Timeless Mind" is Geigerteks second release, which starts out with the typical English electronics piece "The Stirring of Echoes", which aptly melts atmospheric parts with melodic and rhythmic structures. Great freeform and emotional spaces enter on the first half of the stunningly beautiful and highly elevating "Passing", which features some gracious, romantic piano playing in the second part. For me, this deeply emotional and almost funeral-like outing is the highlight of the album.

A great set of atmospheric parts unfolds on "What dreams may come", but I find the solo voice showing up in the second half a bit to loud. "Until the end of time" sound better to my ears: an almost classic-oriented spherical outing without rhythms next to some compelling and emotional violin and piano parts.

The 9-minute "In another light" follows things up nicely. Starting out with grand atmospheric realms in the first three minutes, the piece switches into a catchy rhythm/sequencer set and some piano. Its a pity though things get a bit out of control due to a loud solo voice in the second section, while I prefer a softer one also being played there.

The 13-minute "The Embrace of Eternity", the longest piece on the album, is another winner though with its catchy rhythm/sequencer tandem, accompanied by heavenly choir pads in the first half. Softly roaming celestial spaces show up in the second chapter, toward the end switching to a kind of rhythmic chill-out effort.

The 5-minute title track opens with a short introduction of grand and gentle choir textures, but sadly enough thereafter shifts to a mediocre up-tempo tune with a too pronounced lead voice and bouncing beat. Im sure though many will love this during a live concert.

The groovy "Spirit Walking" sounds more appealing to the ears, but besides the great pairing of sequencers and rhythms I again encountered these short (screaming for attention?) leads that dont do justice to the rest of music. The 3-minute closing track "The Gift of Goodbye" rounds things out nicely with a very nice section of expansive spaces and organ sounds. Strangely enough, the previous is blown to shreds in the final minute with some really dull and dreary electronics, which are in total contradiction to the quality sounds on the rest of the album.

All in all, "The Timeless Mind" shows several faces, of which I like the free form, spacious/symphonic side the best.

Bert Strolenberg - Sonic Immersion (The Netherlands)